Settling down

Getting to know each other

Personal contact is of importance to us. We will therefore arrange a meeting to see what kind of assistance you need and in what way we can help you. Due to Covid … it is also possible to meet online. This first meeting is of course free of charge and in case you come to the decision not to do business with us, there are no costs involved.   


Whether you are looking for a rental property or just looking for something to buy, Expat Experts will guide you in your search for a real estate agent or a rental agent. We can schedule the appointments and be of assistance during the first meeting.

Mortgage advice

When you intend to buy a property you need to apply for a mortgage. Our partner will be able to tell you which mortgage suits your personal situation and the types of insurance you need. 

Our partner will also help you with:

  • Investigate/researching your mortgage possibilities.

  • Comparing all mortgage lenders and find the best option for you.

  • Applying for a mortgage.

  • Offering advice and assisting with the application of necessary insurances.

  • Applying for a monthly tax refund.

  • Applying for housing insurances.

  • Verifying notarized documents.

  • Taking care of the preliminary income tax return in the year you buy the house.

Financial advice

Financial advice is often classified in mortgage advice, insurance advice, retirement advive or asset management. Our partners have years of experience in these areas. Personal attention and individual advice is the key word for our partners. 


Expat Experts will accompany you to your first meeting with a financial partner.

It is sometimes possible to get a 40% refund for the costs made for getting financial advice. Our partner will help you with this.


Our partner can be of assistance in finding out which insurances you require and subsequently find you the appropriate insurance company. They will assist you in the application. 


When you move to a new home you probably want to make some adjustments. Expat Experts will find you the proper contractor to do the job. Whether you need a plasterer, a carpenter, a decorator or a gardener, we will find them for you, schedule an appointment and make sure you receive a  transparent offer for the job.

When working at home

Quite a lot has changed, working at home is not an exception anymore. You need a good workspace at home. Expat Experts will see to this. We will also make sure you have the best Internet connection.


Needless to say you want a clean and tidy house. We can arrange for a cleaning company to come as often as required. 

And of course there is much more we can do for you. Please, feel free to ask!